Cash for your home in Oklahoma

Do you want to sell your house in the fastest, easiest, and most convenient manner? We buy homes and properties all over the great state of Oklahoma.

Selling a home can be an expensive and convoluted process.  Real Estate Agent’s earn their pay by travelling this convoluted road.  However, when we buy your home thare are no commissions or fees to pay.  Your profit is the quote that we provide to you.

We are aligned with real estate investors across the state and buy 10-20 houses each month in the Oklahoma City area.  These homes range from vacant uninhabitable homes to the nicest homes in the city.  We utilize private funds that don’t require long drawn out processes.  This allows us to sell and buy homes fast! We usually close within 10 days or as little as 72 hours.  We’re serious about buying homes!

I want to buy your house now! I don’t need to find an interested buyer because I’m the buyer and I’m already interested.  You don’t have to maintain the property because I’ll buy it as it stands today.  You can sell your home fast in Oklahoma by contacting me.  Don’t worry about how you’re going to make the payments anymore, I’ll take care of it.

What’s your alternative? Of course you could just sell it yourself. No one could possibly know more about the house than you do? Ponder this. How many houses have you bought and sold in your lifetime? Two, maybe three? If so, you haven’t had to solve even a fraction of the problems that usually pop up — right before closing.

Purchasing a home is a large decision for most people.  It’s very easy for folks to get frightened at the first small complication or problem.  Don’t wade the waters trying to find a buyer, you have one right here.  It can be a frustrating experience with dozens of strangers tramping through your home with you there by yourself.  What if you need to move fast? For a new job? You won’t be able to show it to potential buyers and will end up losing money with holding costs.  All the while you could potentially be forced to make double payments (Not Fun!)

While the home is vacant there’s nothing stopping someone from climbing through the kitchen window and tearing up your property? Frankly, that’s more worry and aggravation than most people need in a lifetime.

Here’s a better solution — a way out…

Get cash for your home Oklahoma

When we buy your house “as is” for a fair price on your date of choice, we might help you AVOID…

  • Listing your house

  • Not having enough equity to sell

  • Dealing with a picky buyer who wants new carpets

  • Being forced to be a landlord to the first tenants that walk through the door.

  • Worrying about a bank approving a loan.

  • Having a potential buyer back out at the final second

  • Paying penalties

  • Having cash tied up in home equity

  • Never knowing when it will sell

  • Making house payments or double house payments

  • Making payments on a vacant house.

  • Foreclosure

  • bankruptcy


If your property meets our criteria and we come out to see it, we will provide you with a firm written offer. We can explain our contract to you in plain understandable English and you can be 100% relieved.

We have the ability to pre-qualify your home right over the phone in just a few short minutes.  If we come to an agreement we can pay all cash with no contingencies because unlike most folks, we don’t have to sell another house first.

We can close in just a few days.  We can handle all of the paperwork and make all the proper arrangements.  You can get on with your life and let us tread through the boring parts of the sale.

Imagine, by this time next week your house could be sold!

Does your property meet our requirements? Call our office and let’s find out. We buy all types of real estate and we can quickly determine if your house fits our investment needs.

What if your home doesn’t meet our criteria? Don’t worry, we’ll be happy to share ideas or advice on what you might try next. You will still have all your other options available. You have nothing to lose by calling us first.


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