About Us

Who We Are

Here at Riiactive, LLC we pride ourselves in being a real estate investment company that generates creative win-win real estate solutions for home sellers, home buyers, and our investors.

We see opportunities in all types of real estate. We buy single family homes from folks in all types of situations. These homes range from the nicest of neighborhoods to starter homes and even homes that need some TLC.

We work hand in hand with good people who want to buy and secure a home to live in and call their own.  We help people who may not have perfect credit right now, but want to explore all the options to fix their credit and secure a home in the future.  After our pre-screened tenant-buyers move in, we work with lenders to help prepare their credit so they can qualify for a new loan in the future.

The end goal is that our buyers live in homes they want and our sellers are able to find quality buyers for their homes.


Our Mission

Our mission is to serve you, our customer, with integrity and respect.  Our goal is to invest in people and put them first in all aspects of our business.  A rising tide lifts all ships and our service solves a need that benefits all parties.  For the homes we lease, we promise to be fair, listen to you, and meet all of your needs.  For the homes we buy, we promise to invest in communities with time and money to make sure our homes meet and exceed expectations.